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  • 15 june 2020I've lost my meta-password. What can I do ?

    Find-it !
    Indeed, the file is actually encrypted with your password general. There is therefore no way to recover it. It is unnecessary coup send me the file, the encryption used has no "back door" to recover the data.

    You have one password to remember is that one !

    NB : the password reflects the upper and lower case.
  • 15 june 2020How to use automatic syncrhonization with FTP server ?

    Being drafted.
  • 15 june 2020I uncheck "Mimimize to system tray", but the button that appears to mix with others. What can I do ?

    This occurs when you use a theme "nonstandard" with XP or Vista (eg Vista Inspirat Pack).

    It is very difficult to find a reliable method to obtain the size of the buttons (Reduce, Enlarge, Close) of a window in this case. If you have the solution, let me know !

    The solution to this problem is to "manually" correct the size and position of minimize to tray button.
    In the file Remember.ini, section [Pos], you can specify the following values :
    ...followed by a pixel value, eventually negative for positions.

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