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BoboLéon is a Webcam managment tool.

Yes, many other tools exist, but when I tested them, most of them were malfunctioning. So I made it easy to send an image of the webcam on an FTP server, or directly as a Web server accessible by any browser.


Voici un tour d'horizon des principales fonctions et atouts de BoboLéon :

  • Small Web server embedded ;
  • Automatic and timed send image on an FTP server on a FTP server ;
  • Ability to define a particular image when the server is stopped, or when you want (offline mode) ;
  • Inlay text on image ;
  • Log Web server history access ;
  • At any time, you can capture the active image and save it to disk ;
  • Automatic verification of the availability of a new version (requires an Internet connection) ;
  • Small, a single file .ini created, nothing in the registry, operates on a floppy or USB key ;
  • Discreet, he knows how to reduce to tray icon.

Try it !

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