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All the tools available on this site (unless otherwise noted) are shareware / shareware.

That means they are not free of rights.

You have the right to use every tool for 1 month to try, then you have a moral obligation to make a donation to continue to use it, otherwise you should uninstall.

If you do not, and it is wrong, very wrong...

That may be illusory, but I did not want to put protection system, heavy, contraingnant for everyone (including me !), I prefer to spend my time improving my tools to manage this kind of problems.


To put in order, and help me maintain my tools, manage the site and support me, you can give me a donation, it will be much appreciated.

Naturally the users who will have donated me will have a more attentive ear to resolve their problems, add functions, etc.

The amount of donations is free, no lower limit or higher !

Click on the logo below to make a donation :

If you wish to use other modes of payment, contact-me.

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