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Remember is a password management tool.

It stores all your passwords in an encrypted file, simply use a single password.

Its unique feature is to store a copy of your password file on your FTP server, your passwords will be always available, even if something goes wrong with your hard drive, virus, etc.

Never loose your passwords again !


Here is an overview of key functions and assets of Remember :

  • Encrypted password file by the Blowfish method ;
  • Tree organization of your passwords ;
  • Opens and saves to a file locally or directly stored on an FTP server ;
  • Transparent synchronization between a local file and the backup on an FTP server ;
  • Copy / paste management : paste an item in Remember paste all its data. Paste in an another application only pastes the password ;
  • Search function on all fields ;
  • Hide the passwords behind dots (according to an option or shortkey), handy if someone may see your screen ;
  • Automatic checks of the availability of a new version (requires an Internet connection) ;
  • Lightweight, creates only a file (.ini), does not modify the registry, operates from a floppy disk or USB key ;
  • Unobtrusive, can reduce itself to tray icon.

Try it !

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