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  • 15 june 2020Nobody can display the web page with my image, yet I settled in BoboLéon correctly, what is happening ?

    You must provide your correspondent your external IP address (you can download the example on this page), knowing that depending on your connection and your supplier, it can change regularly.

    A solution to address this problem is to use a dynamic DNS service (eg DynDNS or no-ip, all of the 2 are free), allowing you to give your corresponding address more lisibile (eg http://mawebcam.no-ip.org/).

    If you are behind a router you must open and redirect the port on your machine.
    If you are behind a firewall, you must allow access to the port you have configured in options (8080 default).
  • 15 june 2020What are the webcam supported ?

    All webcam mode supports Video for Windows (VFW), ie almost all !

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