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Welcome on Figoware website.

Here are tools I first developed for my personal use. I hope you will find them useful.

Please let me know your comments, suggestions, criticisms, encouragement, ideas, ...

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Remember is a password management tool. It stores all the passwords you want in a unique encrypted file, so you only have to memorize one (master) password. Its unique feature is to store a copy of your password file on your FTP server, allowing your passwords to be always available, even if something goes wrong with your hard drive, virus, etc..


SizeFTP connects to an FTP server and calculate the size of each folder and subfolder :

  • Displays the folder tree with the total size of each folder.
  • By giving space that is allocated to the FTP user, displays the remaining space on the server.
  • Displays the content of a folder as a piechart.
  • Automatically retrieves the content of FileZilla Client 3's sites manager.


BoboLéon is a Webcam management tool. Yes, many other tools exist, but when I tested them, most of them were malfunctioning. So I wrote my own one, which can easily send on a FTP server the image captured by the webcam, or act directly as an Web server which can be accessed by any browser. This tools also stores an access history, is able to save a snapshot on the hard disk, to add texts at each corner on the delivered image, and to deliver a selected image when the embedded webserver is disabled...


This tool is under exhaustive rewriting. Its features will include :

  • minimizing any application icon in the taskbar, thus freeing space on the screen, without having to close and reopen the application ;
  • managing all icons on the taskbar, preventing them to proliferate next to the clock, and the group whitin a easily accessible menu. Only the icons you really need will remain in the tray ;
  • allow the quick launch of your applications or documents without having fumble into the depths of the Start menu.


Batcho is a small tool designed to chain the executions of programs, similar to DOS .bat file, but with some additional features and without this typical ugly black screen. I first wrote it to manage the connection to the net via my modem and delay the lauch of my favorite softwares... and then close them just before killing the connection once I have finished surfing.
I now use it mostly to control easily the Windows startup, or to launch backups.
Batcho can launch an application, close an application or window (according to full or partial title), minimize application, pause, wait until an application before continuing the script ...

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